Travel Management

There is a world of difference between Travel management and simply selling tickets. Mainport Travel Management helps you to comply with your travel policy. For example, we do not prioritize the supplier, but we give priority to all your personal wishes when we book your business trip. Moreover, this will result in considerable savings on your travel costs.

Management or Handling Fee

By applying a management – or handling fee – Mainport Travel Management guarantees its independent position regarding to airlines.

We have made price agreements with all providers, so you will be able to make your own preferences. Commissions on bookings have been abolished for quite some time. You will therefore always be charged with the net rate. Mainport Travel Management charges a fee for its services in which all services are included and thus guarantees its independence.

You choose how to shape this fee. We offer possibilities for a fee per transaction or if travel a lot a monthly fee based on the chosen module. A combination is also possible you can pay monthly for your booked trips and can view additional or different destinations per transaction. In this way, the costs remain transparent and you are in control.

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