Management reporting

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Business travel brings costs for your organization. That is why you want to keep track of the costs and know whether the collaboration also delivers the desired savings. Management Reporting from Mainport Travel Management offers you the possibility to keep control.

How it works?

Mainport Travel Management actively keeps track of the so-called savings as well as the missed savings through its systems designed for this purpose. Our reports provide insights into your reservations. This way you always have insight into the travel alternatives offered within your travel policy, and whether or not this alternative has been accepted by the traveler or Travel manager. The reason for this will be also reported. In this way your organization has direct insight into the achieved potential savings.

Mainport Travel Management offers comprehensive management reports on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis, which will be set-up in consultation with you. In this way, the turnover development within your organization can be periodically evaluated on the points that are primary for your company. This is possible, for example, based on departments or cost centers.

With our user-friendly reports, you always keep an overview of the costs, the ​​savings and the development of sales.

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